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Project Summary 2002.

DHEE only provides help in the form of needed items and never in the form of a financial contribution.

April 2002
Due to a generous donation from Kasia and Greg Kay from Chicago, many necessary items were purchased for the Dembinki orphanage by Grace Geslowski for $5,050.00
Dom Dziecka, Debinki 17, Zabrodzie 07-230 Tel: (29) 757-1380
Received: 40 chairs, 3 refrigerators, 3 stoves, 3 sets of kitchen cabinets, 4 sinks along with faucets and plumbing, 2 stereos, 2 tables with stools, 6 lamps, 1 bed (since one of the children was sleeping on the floor), dishes, utensils, irons, and other items for all four kitchens. 

June 2002
Purchases made for two orphanages in Warsaw, one adoption nursery in Otwock and one Home for Mothers in Koszalin by Ania and Jacek Rutkowski-Nazarian for $1,020.00
Dom Dziecka, ul.
Paprociowa 2, Warszawa Miedzylesie 04-751 Tel: (22) 812-0532
Received a new washer for $245.00
Dom Dziecka, ul. Klasykow 52/54, Warszawa 03-163 Tel: (22) 811-1541
Received 18 new comforters and towels for $280.00
Caritas - Diecezji Koszalinsko-Kolobrzeskiej, Dom Samotnej Matki ”Dar Zycia”
ul. Wojska Polskiego 13, Koszalin 75-701 Tel: (94) 342-3770

Received a new refrigerator for $295.00
Interwencyjna Placowka Opiekuncza (IPO) ul. Stefana Batorego 44, Otwock 05-400
Tel: (22) 610-6123
Received baby-care supplies i.e. diapers, baby oils, laundry detergent etc. for $200.00

October 2002
Purchases made for two homes in Wroclaw by Iwona Darian for $600.00
Dom Malego Dziecka ul. 1-go Maja 43, Katy Wroclawskie 55-080 Tel: (71) 316-6642
Received vitamins, thermometers and other health care materials for $300.00
Dom Malego Dziecka, ul. Parkowa 2, Wroclaw 51-616 Tel: (71) 348-5007
Received a large supply of baby bottles for $300.00

December 2002

A generous donation made by Kasia and Greg Kay of Chicago for English language and tutoring
classes for $3,000.00 Dom Dziecka w Woli Galezowskiej, 23-100 Bychawa
Purchases made for two orphanages in Lodz by Kinga and James Skretkowicz-Ferguson for $500.00
Pogotowie Opiekuncze Nr.2, ul. Pawilonska 2/4, Lodz 91-487, Tel. 616-8378
Received a new couch for $250.00
Dom Malych Dzieci, ul. Lniana 9, Lodz 91-158 Tel. 652-1292
Received 3 cameras for $250.00

Purchases made for one orphanage in Tbilisi, Georgia by Agnieszka Gmys-Wiktor.
Received 20 children’s mattresses for $200.00.

Total Aid in 2002: $10,320.00

Direct Help to Eastern Europe would like to thank all the generous donors and members who volunteered their time and effort in order to reach children in need. From the bottom of the heart THANK YOU and let us keep up the good work in 2003!