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Project Summary 2003

Note: DHEE only provides help in the form of needed items and never in the form of a financial contribution.

May 2003
Purchase was made by Iwona Darian

Dom Dziecka w Bochni, ul. Nad Babcia 7, 32-700  Tel: 0-197/ 223-50
Received one freezer for $310.

June 2003
Purchases were made by Mrs. Zofia Borys for a total amount of $1,000.
Dom Dziecka, ul. Pilsudskiego 54, Dabrowa Tarnowska 33-200 Tel: (014) 642-2383
Received shoes, clothes, socks, backpack, school books and supplies for $500.  

Dom Dziecka nr. 2 im. Ewy Szelburg Zarebiny, ul. Narutowicza 32, Lublin Tel: (081) 532-0830

Received a washer, a stereo and a TV set for $500.


Purchases were made by Mrs. Marta Niziolek for a total amount of $750.

Dom Dziecka im. Ks. Zygmunta Gorazdowskiego, ul. Grodzka 2, Krosno, 38-400, Tel: 43-20-039

Received supplies for Home Economics classes for $250.

Dom Dziecka nr. 3, plac Jana 13, Bytom 41-936, Tel: 286-7215, Fax: 286-7571

Received $250 towards a new TV set.
Dom Pomocy Spolecznej Dla Dzieci, Prowadzony przez Zgromadzenie Siostr Milosierdzia, Sw. Karola Boromeusza, ul. Glowna 8, Naklo Slaskie 42-620 Tel: 284-3234

Received radios, volleyballs and other supplies for $250.


July 2003

Purchases were made by Kinga Skretkowicz-Ferguson and Jamie Ferguson for a total amount of $500.

Dom Dziecka im J. Korczaka, Zaklad Opjekunczo-Leczniczy dla Dzieci,
ul. Azbrahama 56, Gdanska-Oliwa, Tel: 552-0911

Received diapers, children’s vitamins, foods and juices for a total sum of $500.


Purchases were made by Jan and Ewa Jaworowski for a total amount of $522
Dom Dziecka, Ul. 3-go Maja, 16-300 Augustow Tel: 087 643-2308
Received: 2 folding beds
Dom Dziecka im. Falskiej, Al. Zjednoczenia 34, Warszawa Tel: 834-2624
Received: school supplies

Purchases were made by Elizabeth Nazarian for a total amount of $1,080.
Gavar Orphanage, Ogostos 23, str. 106, Geghark region, Armenia, Tel: (0-64) 2-21-56 or 2-23-50

Received: new shoes, clothing and other items for 117 children in the orphanage.

October 2003
Purchases were made by Irena and Zdzislaw Luczak for the total amount of $750
Dom Dziecka nr. 2 ul. Donimirskiego 4, 87-100 Torun, Tel: 48-36-79
Received: blender, microwave oven, strollers for dolls for $250
Dom Dziecka nr. 3 ul. Bydgoska 74, 87-100 Torun, Tel: (056) 622-2903
Received: 5 doors for children’s bedrooms for $250
Hospicjum “Swiatlo” ul. Grunwaldzka 64, 87-100 Torun, Tel: (056) 65-11-437 lub 65-11-217
Received: toys, diapers and food items for $250


Purchases made by Elizabeth Nazarian and Michal Rutkowski for $1150
Osrodek Wychowawczy Rodziny Maryi, ul. Jana Pawla II 32, 07-221 Branszczyk n/Bugiem
Tel: (029) 74-214-27
Received: television set for $200
Dom Samotnej Matki “Dar Zycia” ul. Wojska Polskiego 13, 75-701 Koszalin Tel: (094) 42-37-70
Received: washing machine „Frania” for $150
Dom Dziecka ul.
Chrobrego 45, 76-032 Mielno Tel: 318-9063
Received: vacuum cleaner, irons, hair dryers and electric kettles for $300. Additionally two children in this home; Krzysztof Lesiak and Monika Abramczyk, received their own personal bank accounts opened with a deposit of $100 in each account. This gift was provided by Mrs. Marta Niziolek from Chicago. Total $500.
Dom Dziecka im. J. Korczaka, ul. Ogrodowa 8, 58-250 Pieszyce, Tel: 74-836-5223
Received: „Bosch” refregirator for $300.

Purchases made by Maria Ciolkowska
Dom Integracyjno-Rodzinny, ul. Jaskowa Dolina 71, 80-252 Gdansk, Tel: 346
Received: under ware and clothes for $250

Dom Dziecka, ul. Demptowska 40, 81-094 Gdynia, Tel: 623-8686, 623-8282
Received: clothes and shoes $250.


Purchase made by Zygmunt Siwiec

”Sloneczny Dom” ul. Kolberga 19, 26-600 Radom, Tel: (048) 363-7755
Received; Microwave oven and DVD player for $250

Purchase made by Elzbieta and Piotr Rutkowski
Dom Dziecka ul. Stolarska 2, 85-851 Bydgoszcz Tel: (052) 361-18-44
Received: Diapers, baby oil, toothpaste, utensils, new pots and other needed items for $250


Purchases made by Piotr and Ludmila Jasinski
Osrodek Wspierania Dziecka i Rodziny, ul.
Krzywoustego 15, 88-100 Inowroclaw Tel: 357-3868

Received:  vaccuum cleaners, irons, pots and kitchen utensils, bedding and sheets for $500

November 2003    

Purchases made by Pastor Gurin Pietr Nikiforovich
Ditjatczij Budinok, 32010 Riwno, Bulvar O. Olesja 16, Tel: 5-30-75, Ukraine
Received: microwave oven, radio, shoes and clothing for $350.  

December 2003
A generous donation made by Kasia and Greg Kay of Chicago and coordinated by Grace Geslowski

Dom Dziecka wola Galezowska, 23-100 Bychawa
Received: English language classes for the year 2004 for $2,000.00   

Total aid in 2003: $9,912.00

Direct Help to Eastern Europe would like to thank all the generous donors and members who volunteered their time and effort in order to reach children in need. From the bottom of the heart

THANK YOU and let us keep up the good work in 2004!