Project Summary 2003
Photo Gallery


Purchases made by Elizabeth Nazarian and Michal Rutkowski
Dom Samotnej Matki “Dar Zycia” ul. Wojska Polskiego 13, 75-701 Koszalin Tel: (094) 42-37-70
Received: washing machine „Frania” for $150

Above: Books purchased by Grace Geslowski for use during English classes.

A generous donation made by Kasia and Greg Kay of Chicago and coordinated by Grace Geslowski
Dom Dziecka wola Galezowska, 23-100 Bychawa
Received: English language classes for the year 2004 for $2,000.00 


Purchases made by Zygmunt Siwiec
Sloneczny Dom ul. Kolberga 19, 26-600 Radom, Tel: (048) 363-7755
Received; Microwave oven and DVD player for $250


Purchases made by Elizabeth Nazarian and Michal Rutkowski
Osrodek Wychowawczy Rodziny Maryi, ul. Jana Pawla II 32, 07-221 Branszczyk n/Bugiem Tel: (029) 74-214-27
Received: television set for $200


Purchases were made by Irena and Zdzislaw Luczak
Dom Dziecka nr. 3 ul. Bydgoska 74, 87-100 Torun, Tel: (056) 622-2903
Received: 5 doors for children’s bedrooms for $250


Purchase made by Elzbieta and Piotr Rutkowski
Dom Dziecka ul. Stolarska 2, 85-851 Bydgoszcz Tel: (052) 361-18-44
Received: Diapers, baby oil, toothpaste, utensils, new pots and other needed items for $250


Purchases made by Elizabeth Nazarian and Michal Rutkowski
Dom Dziecka ul.
Chrobrego 45, 76-032 Mielno Tel: 318-9063
Received: vacuum cleaner, irons, hair dryers and electric kettles for $300. Additionally two children in this home; Krzysztof Lesiak and Monika Abramczyk, received their own personal bank accounts opened with a deposit of $100 in each account. This gift was provided by Mrs. Marta Niziolek from Chicago. Total $500.


Above: Artwork made by David who lives at the Gavar orphanage
Purchases were made by Elizabeth Nazarian for a total amount of $1,080.
Gavar Orphanage, Ogostos 23, str. 106, Geghark region, Armenia, Tel: (0-64) 2-21-56 or 2-23-50
Received: new shoes, clothing and other items for 117 children in the orphanage