Bazaar 2002 

The Outcome:
DHEE held a large rummage sale at St. Hyacinth's Church on June 15-16, 2002.
The sale was a success despite a small turnout of people. We managed to raise $3,000 during these 2 days. The remaining merchandise from the rummage sale will be donated 
to American charities and shipped to orphanages in Poland. The $3,000 will be spent on purchasing household equipment for Polish orphanages in the Fall of this year.  
We will place a full report of this on the website after our members return from Poland.   

Thank You:
A gracious thank you to our donors who helped in making this event possible. 
And they are: 
The General Consulate of Poland
Alderman of the 30th Ward, Michael A. Wojcik
AMTA- American Travel Abroad
U.S. Money Express
Zwiazek Polek w Ameryce
Stanley Stawski Distribution, Co.
Czubacki Brothers
Dziennik Zwiazkowy
Informator Polonijny
Kurier Codzienny
DOMA - Shipping and Travel
Polpress Printing
Kurowski Sausage Shop
Andy's Deli & Bakery
Danilo V. Del Campo, M.D.
Hardwood Floors Unlimited
Kasia's Deli
Eva - Bookstore
Zrodlo - Bookstore
Joe Frank's Deli
Kolatek Bakery
Pasieka Bakery
Aleksandra Foods
Polonez - Parcel Service
Miss Polonii Stanow Zjednoczonych
Zofia Wosiek, DDS

We would also like to thank all the wonderful volunteers who so generously contributed their time and energy to make this Bazaar happen. The DHEE member who really devoted herself in this fundraiser is Iwona Darian. 
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication - Iwona!
We would also like to thank all the DHEE members for their hard work.

Here are some snapshots from this years Bazaar!  

Our Team in front of Resurrection Hall. We were joined by the Miss Polonii winners.
All this is for sale! Iwona makes last minute adjustments to the toy table.
Welcome customers! I'll sell this to you for very cheap...
Among friends at the Bazaar. Welcome and say cheese!