Direct Help To Eastern Europe, Inc.

helping children in orphanages since 1992


If You will see our brochure do not remain indifferent
to children in need

Since 1992 Direct Help to Eastern Europe (DHEE) has been aiding orphanages in Poland. As of the year 2000 our organization has expanded its mission to include orphanages in other Eastern European Countries and one former Soviet Union Republic. 

The goal of DHEE is to unite various Ethnic communities in the United States in an effort to aid children living in government-run orphanages and to support the growth of foster care in these countries.  

We encourage everyone who visits this website to get involved:

1) Get involved directly by visiting orphanages in your home country and by establishing contact with children living in an orphanage and their caregivers. 

2) Donate to provide social services such as counseling and vocational training and to meet the urgent needs of orphanages in the from of: school supplies, household equipment etc. 

3) Collect used toys, clothes and other garments in good condition to send to orphanages. 

4) Organize a group of friends and family to "Adopt an orphanage" 
where you make a commitment to send school supplies or other materials at least once per year.  




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