The Polish Orphanage Project Fact Sheet


Members and friends of Direct Help to Eastern Europe  visited several orphanages in Poland in August 2000.  Due to the limited resources, the orphanages struggled with food rations and basic supplies. In one orphanage, the food ration per child per day was US$ .50 cents.

Local provinces support orphanages, however, their needs are much greater than what their budgets allow.  Most orphanages have up to 40 children, ages 4-18, but some have children as young as a few months old.


How Can You Help?

Considering the current situation of orphanages in Poland, we encourage you to ship clothing and basic needs supplies directly to orphanages.  The list of orphanages in Poland can be viewed by clicking here. 

This is a list of items that you might consider shipping. 


What do the Children Need?

Clothes (Please separate clothes into two age groups, 0-3 and 4-18 yrs.)

        used/in good condition or new clothes for children ages 0-3 including sleepers, shirts, nightshirts, pyjamas, pants, dresses

        used/in good condition or new clothes for children ages 4-18

        new socks, underwear, pantyhose, long johns, and underclothes are appreciated

        shoes (casual)


School Supplies

        pens, pencils, markers crayons, color pencils, water colors

        scissors, rulers, glue sticks, scotch tape

        color paper, art supplies, pads of paper

        simple story books (to teach the English language)


        book bags


Cleaning and Personal Hygiene Supplies

        soap, shampoos, combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste


        baby powder, medical products (for example: Band-Aids, cotton balls, cotton swabs, diaper wipes)

        diapers, bibs, baby wash cloths


Fun Stuff

        Nail polish, perfume, cosmetics, hair accessories, costume jewelry

        Sports-related items

If you have questions, please contact: Grace Geslowski, Director, Direct Help to Eastern Europe. 
You can call her at: 847/604-4096, or contact her via e-mail: